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Hey there guys, how did you miss me? Today although I understand I � ve been gone some time I m back, and more horny than you would believe. Last spring hooking up with George at the park was really fine, we get along great. He also s got his girlfriends of course I have, well two of one plus you of another. However, when we could George and I got and it was great. This time he called he said he had a surprise however I could get it if I had been in a mood. He knows how I am and for those who don but that I don � t have to be teased I � m constantly eager to fuck and suck. When George got there I was already wet I harbor �t quit thinking about me needing to maintain a mood. When he walked stated and slid my hands where is my Surp�, in walked his friend. So there I was with my finger deep in my cunt, we moved right to the bedroom. There was no need to speak. George�s friend got to the bed and I got right on top we began kissing and I un buttoned his shirt, so George had dragged up a seat to watch, I began stroking his friends cock through his pants kissing him and rubbing my hands around his entire body. I pulled his cock out and stroked it up and down then slid it in my mouth sucking licking and jerking it. George had fired a cigar up and checked us out bedside, stroking his thick shaft while I jerked and slurped down and up on his friends cock and licking his balls. He sat up and we began to kiss that he reached down and began massaging my pussy and I took my bra off. He squeezed my tits then started kissing and licking all over my nips along with them. I glanced down in the sky wrapped my lips back to his cock bobbing my head Doggy style. I pulled on my underwear and sat up and that he slid he cock right in. I leaned forward and slipped George � s thick cock my and slobber because his penis slid in and out of my 39, that he pulled the back of my head and fucked my head and spread my ass wide. He and cunt slid his cock and his penis, respectively from high above. He drove his prick deep in my pussy that his balls were slapping up against my wet twat. I was stroking and caught his buddies cock and stroking it up and down he started pumping it in and out of my mouth, he had been getting it good I spit on his penis and kept on sucking I never stopped. George and I laid down and I slid his hard glistening cock back in my mouthhis buddy lifted my leg and started fucking my pussy from behind. I sucked Georges cock as hard as I could and stroked and also his friend was fucking my pussy good. He slips his hard cock from my cunt and got me upon all fours then slid his cock back into my wet hole and started fucking he even better than previously, I’d already sucked George�s cock back in my mouth and was straight up and down. I got on top of George and he started fucking my cunt fast and hard I grabbed his buddy �s meaty cock and slipped it. I spun about and George stuffed his thick cock in my ass I started sucking him off and wrapped my lips back. I reached down and started massaging my wet puss slipping my hands inside George � s friend played it on my face and took his dick. George pussy then slid his cock in my wet hole to receive back then reslicked in my ass and spread my butt he travelled like he never quit. He fingered my twat as he fucked my butt and that I squeezed his buddy �s penis as he played with my tits then reaching down and rubbing against my horrible puss. George�s friend began rubbing it on my lips that I got up on my knees and started sucking on on Georges cock and took his hard cock, his buddy mounted upwards from underneath and slid up his cock in my bum. He fucked before stuffing it back in, my ass hard and strong then gaped it wide. George is on his knees and now that I m slobbering up him he holds the rear of my head fucking my head just like before. I slid George�s slick cock from my mouth along with his friend pulled his cock George pushed his long cock and I began bobbing my head up and down on his throbbing cock. George dug his cock inside my ass extending it good then gaped it open wide for a simpler entrance in and started fucking me. I got along with George�s friend with my ass facing him he began fucking my ass I suppose that he had been feeling a bit left out believing George was getting much more fun. George � s cock getting him was being sucked by me all slicked up afterward he slid his thick cock into my pussy and they both slid their cocks in and outside. George laid back and that I climbed on top he began fucking my pussy and his buddy had his way with my bum. George�s friend slid his penis and stuck it in my mouth for a dip and wash then pushed it back in my bum, once again fucking me good. He put it back in my mouth and pulled on his cock but that time I hung on to it for a while slobbering all over it from top to bottom. I put on my back and George slid his meaty cock in my cunt fucking me with long hard strokes, I reached down and began rubbing my twat and his buddy jerked off to my mouth, and I slid his cumming cock in my mouth along with George shot his load off all over my pussy. I rubbed his cum and he slid his cock back in my pussy to offer some cum to it. I squeezed their hot cocks fingered the cum from across my lips and face sucking on them clean just like the woman that I am. I rubbed and disperse my cum covered puss thinking, what a fucking surprise that was and licking at my hands!

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