– Emily Austin and Nikki Hunter Emily Austin & Nancy & Nicki Hunter 2013 Blonde

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Emily and her mom, Nikki, live in a wonderful area but with just one defect: that the nosy neighbor whos up in everyones company. A huge breasted Latina has called Nikki Hunter and warned that her son, Emily Austin, is outside by her husband, Charlie Mac. Nikkis almost got steam coming from her ears she catches the lovebirds during a heavy responsibility making out. Nikki Hunter divides the party and also her preconceived ideas about Charlie evaporate if she gets a glance at his enormous black cock. Emilys feeling that her mothers a cock blocker fade away when both of these share on Charlie Macs black creature. Mom and daughter reveal that huge black cock as if to state that Emily was increased to show manners. . .especially at this interracial dinner table. Nikki and Emily place any family problems away when they decide to attack that enormous black cock at once! Emily Austin believes her boyfriends big black penis, followed by moms turn to feel the black penis difference. Were treated to both white sluts- of different generations- having a thunderous black dick, while, naturally, totally forgetting about the first cause of alarm for Nikki. Charlie plows into daughter and mother before their dinner table is set- in the kind of a heaping helping of black gravy.

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