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She’s got quite a show as she pulls her panty crotch strips from her t-shirt and miniskirt, and inserts two glistening black ben-wa balls to her shaven pussy. Looking at us with a expression like she is the chick in the world and out to establish it, she crams the balls to her catch before showing us to warm up herself her large asshole. Standing up, she and the string that is attached to the balls that are still within her clam play she squats down and tugs at them out. Sniffing them and taking away her panties, she eliminates the balls so she can put them in to her buttocks instead and spreads her snatch wide. We get excellent closeups of these balls going into her rosebud and disappearingRoxy pulls on the string coaxing the balls from her ass. So that they do not feel deprived after that activity that is penetrating Afterward she squeezes her fingers into her holes!

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