– Better than candy! Lola N. 2009 Masturbation

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You will enter a delicious dream world when you gaze in her vibrant area, wearing her cute colorful clothes, and filling with her pink pussy with a vibrant toy! From white polka dot and her pink headband for her pretty toes in backless heels, she’s a vision of fresh, enthusiastic sensuality. She takes her lace cut-offs that are blue down to show her polka dot panties to us, then allows us peer at her 32B titties that she presses together with her upper arms. Her pussy is really a peach she spreads wide as she prepares it for a blue toy, which she crams inside herself as she gets wetter and wetter. You will love the remarkable closeups of her totally scrumptious little shaver because she moves on the unit back and forth on her girlie center. It looks as though she’s creating a lollipop for pussylickers, Since the toy has a small ball at the finish! What an idea!! Candies that taste like !!! that is cunny You read it here first!!! And we can just find the tag with our girl on it! The word is YUMMY! Slurrrrrrrppp!

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