Mistresst.com – Evil Nurses Medical Uncare 2012 HAND-OVER-MOUTH

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Category: Clothing fetish

You awake groggily from the hospital to see the sexy nurse who flirted with you sooner. It seems like a dream. She teases you. . .says a orgasm is nurses orders. . .strips off her moist panties for one to tease & while she strokes off your penis. . .oh, only a little paperwork to sign ? Hell, youd signal anything at this time, youre half out of it and much more turned on than you remember. . .you get to cum her panties while appearing at that unbelievable butt & pussy….its soooo HOT! Then her demeanor changes as she informs you that youve signed up everything to her at the occasion you dont make it from the hospital. Your cum is the last thing you taste as she takes her panties in your mouth and squeezes her latex gloved palms over your mouth and nose to completely take away your breath. . .its lights out to you sucker…

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