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Beautiful young business woman Maria Marley has been dealing with a stalker. She´s sitting down in a super short black mini skirt, shiny pantyhose and heels discussing the stalker with the authorities. While she is on the phone, I tip toe in behind her with an armful of hosiery and hang up the phone. I put my hand over her mouth and demand that she be quiet. I tell the pretty young thing to kneel and I bind her elbows together with a pair of pantyhose. I XXXX a thigh high stocking deeply into Maria´s mouth. I tie her knees with another pair of nylons and I tie her ankles. I keep adding more bondage with the pantyhose that I collected from my victim´s room. I grope the gorgeous blue eyed beauty and run my hands up and down her beautiful legs. I decide to cleave gag Maria with a bandana and I leave to get the car ready to transport my prey. Maria manages to get her bound body off the chair and onto the floor. She struggles and rolls on the rug then spots her cell phone that I tossed aside earlier. Maria bends and stretches her flexible body until her hand reaches the cell phone. She drops it and then has to roll and wiggle her way back to grabbing it again. Just as she´s trying to dial for help, I come back and seize the phone. I pull off her short skirt exposing her ass. I put the girl back onto the chair and use more pantyhose to secure her to it. Once she is tightly bound to the chair, I remove her gag and ask her if she has any last requests before I take her away. Helpless Maria pleads and begs for mercy, but I stuff a stocking back into her mouth and use another one to gag her tightly. I walk away for a while leaving the gorgeous creature bound, gagging and struggling.

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