Hdwetting.com – Behind the Scenes With Nikko 2022 Peeing

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Sosha takes a break from filming the usual scenes and captures Nikko trying to pee with her phone.

We spend a lot of time shooting scenes when filming HD Wetting videos. The days can be very long so there are scheduled breaks to ensure that the models do not get exhausted. Sometimes, this can lead to interesting situations where a model has to go to the bathroom. However, we don’t plan to do another scene while they are there.

Sosha took a break to film Nikko using her phone. Nikko also needed to go peeing at that moment. Nikko didn’t want to waste a good pee and tried to keep going until the time came to film another video. Nikko is very petite and has trouble with her bladder. It isnaEUR(tm),t her best skill to hold for long periods.

In desperate times, Nikko begins to leak from her pants. She soon can’t stop the flooding. She poops on the floor, revealing her bottom. The look of humiliation and shame on her face can be clearly seen. We are able to see the shameful expression on her face because Sosha was recording it all with her phone.

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