– Your 60 Hour Week Will Be Extended with Jasmine 2018 ShoulderRiding

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Miss Xi, Miss Jasmine called again their slave, Miss Jasmine to the office to verbally and physically abuse him. Their joy in treating him is more than enough to wash away the disdain and contempt they feel for him Monday morning. First, they look at the shabby attire of his office, including his wrinkled shirt and dirty tie. Then, they talk degradingly about him as though he wasn’t there. In humiliation the slave bows down, knowing that he needs every penny and knows that if he stood for his rights the women would inform his wife of his online dating profile.

The camera slowly pulls back and we see that the employee has his pants on, with shorts all around his ankles. Both of them laugh when they see the miniature cock. Jasmine said that aEURoeA severe spanking would be in order. Xi says that aEURoeBeatings would continue until the morale improves. They place him on the table and make sure he is flogging his genitals. aEURoeAs an additional bonus, since you won’t be home for the week, you donaEUR(tm),t need to explain to your wife why these marks are all over your stomach. Although the slave begins to moan and squirm, it just makes Lady hit him more. it just hurts me.” He is a slave who cries and has heavy breathing. This makes it more difficult for the women to strike him. Jasmine commands him to lie down on the ground and to kiss his feet. Jasmine claims that a 60-hour workweek is not sufficient.

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