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Sosha must make a tough decision. Either allow photos of Sosha peeing in her tub to go online or wait until Alisha uses the bathroom.

Alisha goes to the bathroom and sits down on the toilet. She then starts her business. Soon, she is followed by Sosha who wants to pee. Sosha, with the toilet full, decides to relax in the tub. Alisha grabs Sosha’s phone just as Sosha is about to draw her pants down and threatens to post photos of Sosha in the bathtub online.

Sosha doesn’t want to be humiliated by embarrassing photos she posted online of her peeing in the bathtub. She quickly pulls up her jeans and tries to keep going until Alisha goes on the toilet. Sosha, however, is desperate and is soon unable to keep it together. Alisha is there to take pictures and watch Sosha have a embarrassing accident with her pants.

This video shows you how to.

Alisha uses the toilet.
Alisha is watching Sosha desperately go to the toilet while she watches.
Sosha has an accident while Alisha takes photos.

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