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Eric Masterson walks into the reception of the massage parlor. He is greeted by Michele James, a masseuse. He apologizes to her for his tardiness and greeted her. HeA is a stay at home dad, so he needed to make dinner for the kids before his wife arrived. Michele understands, but it must have been stressful. Eric also agrees. Michele says that Eric is right if heAs feeling stressed. Eric says that Eric’s wife was thinking exactly the same thing when she gave him the massage. Michele questions him about the package that his wife bought for him and he replies, “NuRu massage.” Michele seems a bit confused and wary by all this. Michele suggests that maybe his wife has made a mistake. Eric replies that there is no mistake. His wife is extremely progressive. A’Sir. I’m not sure if you know what a NURU masseuse is. A’Michele replies. Eric smiles with an earnest smile and says that Eric does understand what a NURU massaging is. Michele is still skeptical.

Eric smiles and tells Michele his wife is very aware. Their sex lives were amazing, but everything has changed since they had children. He says that he has no more time to do this stuff now, with his wife being full-time father and working every day. His wife and he agreed to focus their attention on their sex lives again. They made arrangements where each could explore what their sexual needs were. Eric’s wife, for her part, thought that it would be great if Eric got a NURU Massage. Michele is now relieved and ready to start the massage. Michele takes him to the bathroom.

Michele starts to shower Eric. She laughs and says that he is a father-bod. Michele says that it is not shameful. She also likes dad-bods. EricA’s children are her lucky, she says. Michele never knew her father. Eric understands how difficult that must have been. Michele also agrees, but she mentions how lucky she was to have such a wonderful mom. Eric sees that and says that Michele was well-taught by her. She’s very compassionate. Michele gets down on her knees to wash his cock and tells Eric her mother who taught her to pay attention. EricA is a tough dick. With false modesty, he apologizes. Eric laughs that he doesnAt like to get out as much and finds Michele a gorgeous woman. This is a normal part of being a father. Michele claims he doesn’t have to apologize, because thatAs what theyAre here for. She also believes that it’s sexy being a dad who stays at home is great. Michele continues to wash her hard cock as she says this. She says that this kind of dedication is truly a turning point.

Michele enjoys washing Eric. Eric enjoys his wife’s stroking and lets his head drop in delight, stating that this is doing him great. Michele recalls his wife’s earlier doubts and stops halfway through her stroke when he hears the word “wifeA”. Michele cautiously asks, “Are you sure your wife is okay with it?” Eric assured her that his wife was fine with the idea and reminded her that she had suggested it. Michele, with her cock in her hands, responds to Eric’s response and says that Eric is clean and tidy. His massage is over.

Eric is positioned on a mat, and Michele applies NURU gel to him. He slowly slides on his body. Soon, Michele asks Eric how stress is affecting him. Eric smiles and says that he hadn’t stopped to think about all his responsibilities for a while. Michele was happy to hear this. He continues to slide onto her, and she rubs his body against him. She begins to stroke his neck with her hand. Michele, as Michele straddles her son’s groin, says that being a father is hard work. Michele says he deserves some…release as she places her cock in her mouth.

Eric has a habit of taking care of everybody else. But today, Eric’s primary concern is HEA.

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