– Payback’s A Bitch with Kandy 2018 Bi Facebusting

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Domina Ruby of FemDom Corp has the ex-accountant tied in knots. He acts as their table and holds their crops and whips. While he waits for his fate, the former CEO of FemDom Corp is locked up in a stockade. Ruby feigns her disgraced former CEO while Kandy contributes to his pain with some help from her crop. The poor little bitch starts to yell and cry out of pain in no time. Kandy instructs everyone at the table to keep an eye on Kandy and look out for whataEUR(tm), because sheaEUR(tm), is next. Kandy trades her crop in for a paddle, and then heaEUR(tm)s all over the table. He was a complete scumbag when he was the boss before the Women overthrew him. The ladies have no sympathy now.

While the women continue to focus on their primary target, they criticize each slave. The women begin by striking him unison. One strike is from Kandy and one from Ruby until Kandy realizes that they must hit more than his sexes. Ruby is flogging his butt while Kandy flogs him from his top to his ankles. This scene is brutal and the women are relentless. The slave wants to hide, but they don’t want him! Kandy places her flogger on the slave’s face and warns him to not drop it. He returns to her with the paddle, and she is again attacked by both women. He doesn’t let go of the crop and keeps his cheeks closed. Now, the accountant must crawl up and wipe the sweat off the legs of the slaves. Ruby grins and says, aEURoeLook at what we did to these losers.

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