Ftvgirls.com – Bedside Introduction with Melody 2017 First Time Experience

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Melody, a bi-curious super squirter, finally gets to fulfill one of her greatest dreams — having sex with Harley, a cute blonde teen. They make an adorable couple and enjoy two days of sex and orgasms together. The two are first seen naked in bed and eager to discover each other. We let them have fun, discovering each others’ erogenous areas and eventually bringing the two of them to sexual orgasm using vibrators, oral sex, and fingering. Melody eventually ends up getting into HarleyA’s face and mouth, which is a surprise. Melody has never had to be with a girl before this day and loved it so much that she began to dream of things to do with Harley. Melody enjoys sucking HarleyA’s long genitals and digging her teeth into HarleyAs wet feet. Harley begins finger-bagging Melody with three fingers and ends up making Melody squirt multiple times with the vibrator. It’s all about the ass worship. Harley massages Melody with three fingers and then begins poking her in her anal area. Melody rubs Harley’s clit and then squirts, while Harley stimulates Harley’s butthole. Melody returns the favor by spreading HarleyA’s cheeks, trying to get into HarleyA’s mouth, while HarleyA squirts. When she begins to rub herself, Melody gets even kinkier and starts spraying all over HarleyA‚Äôs butt. She can put three fingers in her butt because the squirts are like lube. Melody begins to lick HarleyA’s bottom! They move on to butt worship and then onto breast worship. Melody takes HarleyA’s nipples and massages her breasts. Harley takes MelodyA’s nubs very seriously, pushing them to the limit, then they begin deep-cuddling and kissing each other. MelodyA is a kinky and extreme person. She wants Harley to see how hard she can fist. She does a deep, full-fist, which shocks Harley. She wants to also fist Harley so she gently eases her hand with five fingers and then the whole of her hand. It’s too hard for Harley to manage. The pair dance to the music and try different clothes on, while jiggling and showcasing their naked bodies. The pair picks a pair red dresses for their outing, and will move on to the second part.

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