– …But Your Dick Says Yes: Tony Prower Edged In Full Suspension with Tony Prower 2019 Straight

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Tony Prower, the construction foreman, is in charge of the show until Sebastian and Dominic get tired of Tony’s power plays. He is tied up and blindfolded. They then tie his hands, secure his balls and cock, place him face down in the air, and continue to edge him until he cums. Tony is not laughing, they use Tony’s sweet and wet mouth to engulf the cock. He is tethered in a standing position with his legs extended, ankles tied, and his hands behind him. Blindfolded, heA’s unable to see the people or what theyAre planning. Sebastian and Dominic play with his nipples, and then start to work that dick. Dominic takes it in turns and then Sebastian attaches a vibrating collar to it. This really works TonyA’s body, causing him to build up and stir his balls. As they continue to edging Tony, they tie up his cock and ball in rope and place it on the ground. This brings him very close to having an orgasm but then denies him. With his hands on his sides and his face down, they suspend Tony. Dominic uses his mouth to cock-suck, and slides it into TonyA’s throat. Sebastian then jerks TonyA’s cock with an a-jack toy. Tony and Sebastian toy like this. They edging Tony, making Tony’s raging, hard-dick pulse. Tony cannot hold on to it anymore, and then he screams and whines as his hot loads are drained from that wet cock. He then falls straight to the ground. Sebastian and Dominic give him a slap, before he hangs on to him.

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