– Ajay & Boyd with Ajay 2006 Big Dick

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Boyd had a great time with Gavin and I could not wait to have him with my super-stud Ajay. My plan was for Boyd to fuck Ajay just as much as Gavin. However, I felt a bit devious and thought we might try something different. Ajay was able to take BoydA aside, and he allowed me to have a little fun with his sex. Ajay enjoyed the challenge and could not wait to try his hand at BoydA’s tight hole. One finger was in and then the other two. Boyd was filled with joy and pain. Ajay said that BoydA was in a tight spot, and weA will see how it turns out. Next came the main event. Boyd put his hard-core cock into AjayA and then went to work. Boyd is a great fucker. I also love that he sweats a lot. Ajay was really worn out by Boyd, and that is no easy feat!

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