– Str8 From The Gym with Ironman 2009

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We have Iron Man, a hunky West Coaster. Iron Man, as we’ll call him, is on the east coast to get some R&R on the DL. This 33-year-old L.A. resident admits that he is an early bloomer. All his girls told him he was large for his age. He grins, “I guess I just ate the Wheaties.” HeA is a proud booty guy and loves a woman with nice ass. We can only imagine that HeA is very active with the Latinas in Miami. After losing his cherry, he first had an affair with a woman in the sex at age 15. Iron ManA is a large boy, and he packs a heavy 8 cock to keep him horny. Iron ManA’s admits that heAs an eccentric and will do anything to relieve himself whenever the need arises. HeA’s been seen jumping off rooftops, in movie theatres, and on buses. HeAlways gets caught because of the excitement. If anyone saw this madman with his thick, cocky bod they wouldn’t be complaining. Iron Man told us about a South Beach girl that he had sex with when we asked him what his favorite sex experience. Iron Man was so infatuated with her that he picked her up and carried her along to the beach. After showing us his sparring skills, he moves around and slowly shows off his bigger guns. He is rock-hard and has a well-defined bicep. As he shows us his rest, his shoulders, traps and quads as he moves in various poses, demonstrating his commitment to the gym, eloquently flexes his muscles. We admire his abs and pecs as he flexes in different poses to show off his dedication at the gym. HeA is teasing and knowing that we desire more. After showing us his muscular sex, he lowers his pants and gives us glimpses of his muscles a couple of times before removing his bottoms completely. HeA leaves in a jock strap to show off his amazing abs. We only get a small glimpse of him before he settles down on the couch. Before his thick, swollen cock can be contained, he starts to play with it through the jock. He strokes his thick, swollen cock and then he loses the jock. As he jumps, his smooth balls hang below. His bush is kept natural and contained, which compliments his body hair. Iron Man works his 8-pound cock using both of his hands, jerking from one hand to the other. As he raises his 8-pound cock, the view is even better. We can see his body tighten and feel his muscles move just below his skin. It would be amazing to see how many rounds this fight takes. Although we don’t know the exact number, it is clear that you will need to use both your hands to get every inch out of this fighter. He gets down on his knees, and then he continues to lift his fat cock which is now rock solid and ready for release. As he juggles his babymaker, it is amazing to see the size of his thighs. His face is focused as he works up another hot load. As he dry-jacks the meat, his thick cock reacts to every stroke. As he starts to jerk more, his chest contracts and his shoulders and arms flex. His target is right in front of him and he knows that heA’s close to pay dirt. He knows how to control every movement and muscle, with one particular. As his load is about to explode, his breathing becomes labored. As he spreads the thick cream over the towel, he grunts. After he’s finished, he rubbed it all over his hands making sure to not miss any. Whew. ThatA is the type of work we can all benefit from.

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