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As she exercises on her elliptical, aEURoeMommaaEUR ™ has been sweating a lot. Junior kneels behind her. HeaEUR(tm),s has been instructed to focus on her sex, which he lusts after constantly. Her body is sweating. Junior crawls in to lick the sweat from her cheeks. She then stops exercising and asks him for his tongue between her cheeks. He is told to massage himself. Kandy is holding a container that she uses to gather cum. She gives the container to her junior, who says he might be able to add to it. Kandy explains to him that her body is always exciting and she loves his little cock. aEURoeJunior makes sure her body is clean and lubed to please daddyaEURe she adds, adding that one day she will be telling daddy about how his boys kept her clean and lubed. AEURoeIaEUR ™, she will tell him, when theyaEUR(tm), are sitting down at the table discussing our divorce. Kandy adds that sheaEUR[tm]will probably keep the boys together in order to please each of them in their own ways. AEURoeDaddy wonaEUR ™, probably won’t want to have anything to do about you once he learns the truth. So youaEUR(tm), better work at keeping my satisfiedaEUR Kandy tells junior while he continues to eat his ass. Junior’s rock-hard. Kandy tells junior she’s got a date and is going to be away for business, but then she suddenly makes a huge fart. Kandy wonders what all of this means for the boys. She suspects they are just content to have her as her toilet and eat her antics, while everything else is clutter. Kandy now encourages her junior to take a load of her waste into her container. He asks her if he’s ever considered fucking her, and then laughs that it won’t happen. All he gets are her sex and her trash. He suddenly shoots his loads and Junior strokes and licks. He informs his mommy that he’s coming, but she tells him to get off his dick. AEURoeYour brother arrived in the exact same situation in twenty seconds. IaEURoe(tm), I’m going to go get him, and perhaps IaEUR ™ll let you suck his cockaEUR.

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