– Two hunks Paul Hunter and Rado.. Paul Hunter & Rado Zuska 2018 Facefucking

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Rado Zuska is just one very man. He knows exactly what he likes and that he likes Paul Hunter. He’s him chained in the wrists and nude, but for a jock strap. He kisses the handsome Paul and performs with his nipples. He also slaps on Pauls amazing chest as both the bodies rub against each other. Rado pushes against Paul to his knees, where he could suck on some hard cock. Rados dick is throbbing as it fucks into Pauls excited mouth. He slaps before fucking mouth more, that throbbing cock from Pauls confront and pulls out. Rado wanks himself as Paul laps at his balls. He fucks the cock back slapping his handsome face . Then Paul is laid by Rado down and gives him a blow job. He sucks Pauls rock hard cock, taking it deep into his mouthall of the while slapping on that face and body. Rado needs over a cock to suck on and Paul eagerly lifts his thighs, so his gap is available. Quickly Rado is fingering the tight hole and then lapping at it . Then Rados cockhead is up against the hole, and pushing into it Paul bends over to take it. He adores the dick slamming into his hot ass as hard as it can be managed by Rado. Rado catches Pauls shoulders to give him grip as the thrusts his dick all the way in that ass. Paul yells as he takes the dick deep. Paul lays down so that Rado can get between his legs and then fuck him even harder and turnbs over. Paul grabs his cock and wanks it as Rado pounds his ass. Paulshot cream explodes out of his penis as his ass is filled with Rados throbbing dick. Rado keeps fucking that ass unti he’s prepared to cum. He pulls and Paul stays up to suck the rock hard dick. Rado grabs his dick and a few tugs makes it discharge its cum. Pauls catches the cock and sucks the cum from its remainder to finish a scene.

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