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Ive been the target of so much black cock that dad has had it up to his neck. Yes, I do live in his home and he pays the bills but Im 18 years old. I can do what I want and I should be able to spread my pussy for who I want. Dad managed to scrape some money together so we could see Dr. Harvard. The joke was on dad as the Dr. prescribed 12 inches of big black dick courtesy of Jack Napier. Dad nearly got me out of the office but was either afraid of losing me or getting his ass beat by Jack. Perhaps it was both but it didnt matter that the man who helped give me life was a few feet away as my mouth housed that big black dick. He couldnt get me naked fast enough so that his black fire hydrant could ease its way in between my thighs. Dads moaning and whining almost ruined the moment but nothing could prepare me for the cum blast that he shot into my uterus. Daddy is going to kill me if I have a black baby 9 months from now.

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