– Spoiled Mommy & Teen Anally.. London River & Seth Gamble & Chloe Foster 2018 Flogging

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Beautiful suburban MILF London River is displeased when her bratty step-daughter Chloe Foster is holed up at her mansion for the summer, having just lost a internship. This small blond teen troublemaker is a banging bitch and more importantly is going to become in the way of Londons BDSM affair having sexy stud butler Seth Gamble. Seth is a sadistic sex demon and wastes time isolating London at a spare bedroom and giving her the appropriate beat down this horny submissive slut really wants. London continues to be waiting for Seth all day wearing tight metal nipple and pussy clamps, however, he also takes his time getting to all those, choosing rather to spank her curvy ass, flog her tits, fuck her gorgeous face, and humiliate her on the floor of her home. Thoroughly debased, London wants to have the clamps removed so she could get fucked, but nothing prepares her for the extreme leather bondage Seth has proposed for her. Locked in a helpless doggy place with leather straps London can only try to hold her climaxes back as Seth lbs both her holes and then chokes out her with a belt across her neck. London forgets herself in a minute of intense anal orgasm and alerts Chloe totheir secret sexual scene. Chloe is clever and quickly gets a couple pictures to blackmail London with. Once Chloe has put London in her spot with threats of sending the photographs to dad, Chloe does exactly what any bored slut would do: catch that cock for himself. She slyly lets Seth know she has both London and Seth under her thumb and demands to be fucked. Seth just has a dominant manner, and immediately transforms the teen whore into a submissive throat fucking and spanking on the living room sofa. London cannot contain herself when she finds her lover fucking her daughter savagely at the family house and threatens to fire regardless of the consequences. Those consequences prove to be the Seth has had it with the two of those rich bitches. He throws them in their knees and provides a difficult flogging on their asses. Then he places Chloe in tight rope bondage and swaps involving fucking her ass and Londons mouth that’s held open with a enormous ring gag. Seth amuses himself using their humiliation until it is time to get to the subject of where the jewelry secure is.London places on a brave face, but if Seth yells her into a rough pretzel tie and starts waterboarding her, her resolve wavers a little. Fed up, Seth takes her step-daughters hands and shoves it all the way into Londons buttocks, then slides his cock into Londons really tight pussy. All notion of jewelry and pride leave London completely because she submits to vicious anal fisting, double penetration, and even more breath play from the grips of a sadistic bondage dilemma. When Chloe finally shows she had the jewellery safe code all along, London takes her revenge, spearing her bratty teens ass on Seths cock and making her ride like a fantastic coed slut. Urged on by electrical prods and the desire to please her Mommy, Chloe takes it like a champ and makes a hot load for London.

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