– Polishing their peds with pee! with Zuzana Z. 2012 Barefeet

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This girl-girl encounter was a wild surprise! Zuzana Z. is shown in a yellow minidress made of mesh, yellow pantyhose and yellow heels with open toes. These shoes look great on her feet and legs. We then see Katy with her orange top and light blue pants. Katy also has the exact same shoes as Zuzana, except they’re orange. This set of shoes is an amazing treat for those who love beautiful women’s footwear. After a bit of heel-licking and sniffing, the shoes are taken off and the girls take a picture in their pants. The tights are soon taken off and the girls can see that the difference in their pussies is obvious: Katy is clean-shaven and Zuzana has a thick, hairy mane. Surprise! Zuzana also pees on Katy’s naked foot and her pantyhose crotch. There was a lot of pee that ended up on the ground. Zuzana directs Katy to place her mouth on the drained pissy. Katy stands above Zuzana’s elevated peds, and let out her pee. Zuzana has smooth, shiny soles with bright red toenails and glistens in the golden nectar. Zuzana rubs Katy’s snatch, and then she separates her petals using her toes. While their shoes are still on the side, Katy and Zuzana get down to a foot and a pushy 69. Zuzana is most interested in Katy’s polished toes, while Katy loves to rub Zuzana’s snatch. Katy rubs Zuzana’s sole on the hairy mound. The girls end up squeezing their soles against Zuzana’s hairy mound.

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