– Making an All Purpose Bitch Part 2 2012 BreastWorship

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Mistress C commands her “daisy” bitch to bow down at her feet and make it worship her shoes. It is made to sniff her stockinged legs and make a worshipful display of her pussy. Misstress C doesn’t have patience with a daisy. Mistress C orders her to smell her stockings and place her leg down. Then Mistress C will spank her. After getting in place for the spanking Mistress C unleashes her full force with many spanking blows on daisy‚Äôs white lilywhite ass.

Daisy will scream in pain when the pain gets too severe, but Mistress C continues to spank. She finally allows Daisy to feel some relief and orders her pet to lay down on the ground. Then Mistress C sits down on the daisy and takes it for a ride. The paddle is grabbed by Mistress C and she starts to smack its feet. As Mistress C continues to dominate the slut daisy, it is again heard in pain.

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