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Boss T is back in her office after using the bathroom. She informs that she discovered there wasn’t any toilet paper when she was done. Boss T is wearing a white suit. She tells you that she does not want streaks so you have to clean her. She looks upset, and then she asks, “Why does it upset you to think of your boss licking their dirty arse?” You can always quit if it isn’t your thing. She smiles as you start asking for the job. You are reminded by her that she originally hired you because she thought the job would be best for an ass-kisser.

She tells you, “If you want your job to last you will have to make me a filthy sex kisser today.” Before turning her back and showing her beautiful sex she raises her skirt. She calls you stupid and degrades you as you try to crawl toward her. Now Mistress T guides you through the service requirements. She also tells you how to clean her. She compliments you on what you did and tells you that she won’t bother using toilet paper any more. In fact, she may even give you business cards with the title Asshole Cleaner. You can do this for most of the women at work, she says. She says you’re useless for any other purpose so she suggests that we keep you locked up in the ladies’ washroom, so everyone can use it whenever they want. It’s humiliating, you feel aroused and that you will do whatever it takes to retain this job.

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