– I’ll Give You All The Answers with Samantha Rone 2015 Hardcore

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Scene Tyler Nixon just wants to learn for Mr. FordA’s class but distractions keep him from his studies. His spunky step-sister Samantha Rone is a big problem. SamanthaA has had back problems since a while. She just wants Tyler to rub her back. Tyler doesnAt have the time. Samantha is able to bargain with TylerA, as she knows all of the answers for the test TylerA has been studying. Tyler agrees reluctantly, but SamanthaA continues to torture her brother by stripping down before him. She rolls her eyes and says, “Just look away!” He doesnAt have it easy. She insists on more of her requests, such as massages to her butt and petite boobs and her nipples. Tyler panics when SamanthaA holds the answers to his test. He should fuck his sister to get what he desires. Although his brain tells him otherwise, he has not been able to think with his brain all year. So maybe thinking with his dick might be the best thing for him!

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